Lunes, Pebrero 13, 2012

College of Languages and Linguistics Concert

Last week, our Professor on Filipino 1023 Pagbasa at Pagsulat Tungo sa pananaliksik asked our class if we want to buy a ticket for the incoming CLL week.I said to myself "ticket again? we're just wasting our money on raffle tickets". That time, I thought that ticket is for raffle but I was wrong because its for their concert. Our teacher discuss about it. When she said that Sir Joey Clutario was included in the said production, my classmates scream and promise that they will join the concert.

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  1. Hello Ate! :) I believe you are still a student of PUP. I read your blog about the CLL concert. Though it's late, I would like to thank you for your appreciation of our concert. I am a graduate from the said college. Too bad, read your post late. But then, still, thank you very much! All our efforts are paid off and it is really relieving that students from other college were happy about the whole entire show.

    Hoping that when I visit PUP again, I will be able to bump you inside the premises and say Hi! Again, gigantic thanks!

    And to whoever your professor are, both in English and Filipino, I know they are thanking you by heart.

    By the way, nice blog! :)

    Sabrina Mari A. Sena
    Technical Director
    Talen-todo sa 2ente 5ingko